Then, you need to:
- name a representative in France
- create an account on the ministry of labour (SIPSI) and manage your certificates online since the 1st of January
- have a certificate and the copy of the employment contract
- pay your drivers the French minimum wage of 9,88 €


- a SIPSI automated app (
- competitive ALL INCLUDED starting price of 150€
- complete online administration
- customer care in your own language

Move Expert has the most competitive offer.


Thanks to our app: we manage and create your SIPSI certificates in real time. No more waste of time creating your certificates one by one. Big transporting companies can also import all the drivers’ certificates in one single file and gain in productivity.

Our customer care service which speaks your language is dedicated to the Law Macron in France. They will help you comply with the regulations and will be able to inform you on other countries with similar regulations.
We are frequently in contact with French authorities to respond to their requests. We are also well aware of all of the problems relating to Macron's law.
Our prices are very competitive and have not increased even though we now offer the automatic management of your SIPSI certificates. No bad surprises with Move Expert, everything is written in the contract.

Our services of posting of workers in Europe is available for France, Italy, Austria and Germany.

More than 4000 companies and transport associations from Europe are already using our services.

NEWS - New website :
NEWS, 28.03.2017
New design, SIPSI automated app and always the same quality of service with the same competitive price. © MACRON BY MOVE EXPERT.
NEWS, 14.03.2017
⇒ Information.
Starting from the 1st of April 2017, drivers working in France must also carry with them the A1 form. This documents aims at proving the affiliation of your driver to your National Social Security Service.This form is issued by the National Social Security Service of your company’s country and the request can be done online.
NEWS, 01.02.2017
⇒ Information.
Delays sometimes occur in the registration and creation of online posting of workers’ certificates because of the recurring dysfunction of SIPSI’s website since it was implemented. Unfortunately, those delays are beyond our control. We are constantly improving our procedures to minimise inconveniences.

NEWS, 05.01. 2017
⇒ Macron's app : " SIPSI compatible "
Our posting of foreign drivers’ service in France is now ” SIPSI compatible ”. It integrates the management and creation of Macron’s certificates from SIPSI’s website, which became mandatory since the 1st of January 2017. The full process will be shared with our clients.

NEWS, 21.12. 2016
⇒ 0.93% raise of the French minimum wage
Starting January the first, French minimum wage will go from 9,67 euros per hour to 9.76 euros per hour.

NEWS, 01.12. 2016
⇒ The Representation in Italy - “Distacco EU”
We have been informed of the release of the decree N°136 on the 07/27/16 in Italy. This decree is relatively similar to the already existing laws in Germany and France with the Law macron concerning the appointment of a representative in France, the posting of foreign drivers who are thus entitled to receive the minimal wage and carry their certificates with them in accordance with “Distacco EU”.
This decree was issued on the 27th of October and should be applicable on the 27th of December 2016. To this day, no further information is to be known.
Unfortunately, as it was to be expected, the ‘Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali’ have only released partial information. We don’t have any information regarding how the documents will be transmitted, the tasks and responsibility of the Italian representative or even the modality of road controls. Therefore, at this stage, we cannot give you more details or present to you our service which will fit into the new Italian regulations.
Nonetheless, Move Expert, with its subsidiary in Italy named ‘Move Expert Italia’, will provide - in the best conditions possible - a service of representation to road hauliers as soon as the decree will be set in motion.
If you have more information regarding the new Italian regulations, do not hesitate to contact us.

NEWS, 30.11.2016
Regarding the Law Macron in France, we can inform you that starting on the 1st of January, road hauliers must fill out certificates online through the Minister of Labour’s website. However, a transitory period is expected for the certificates already issued.
As always, Move Expert strives to offer you this service in the best conditions possible. Unfortunately, in spite of our various efforts, we have not been able to get more details allowing us to finalize our actions. To this day, the French Minister of Labour’s website is still not working.
Be certain that as soon as we have more information and more details about the terms and conditions in which we can help you, we will get back to you.

NEWS, 24.10. 2016
⇒ Penalties all together reached 9765 €
Even more control can be expected in the next few days judging by the wide operation of roadside checks that occurred in Ile-de-France on the 16th of October. 26 of the 27 heavy goods vehicles controlled were foreign. In total, 18 penalties were found. Penalties all together reached 9765 €. Two of those penalties were due to missing or inadequate certificates.
You can comply with new regulations related to foreign drivers and appoint a representative in France by registering online. The full process is explained here at How to apply for Macron

NEWS, September 8, 2016
⇒ Read our latest Press Release
Here we have for you the latest Press Release. Click on link below and download PDF here:
Move Expert consolidates its success in Europe with the Macron Law

NEWS, Aug 26, 2016
⇒ Number of controls are increasing
Among them we start receiving post control demands from French authorities not only to check if Move Expert is the French representative but also to control related payslips with all necessary details as to to verify that minimum wage of 9,67 euros has been really paid to the driver on French territory during transport operations.

NEWS, Aug 5, 2016
⇒ We have noticed the FIRST CONTROL!
An Italian driver was stopped today by police while crossing into France. French police required a valid Certificate and they verified its validity. Police then contacted MOVE EXPERT and checked whether the driver is present in our database. Therefore, make sure that your drivers on the road are properly equipped with completed Attestation de detachement (Certificate) and a Copy of the employment contract. Also make sure that you have the drivers entered in our system. Thank you!

NEWS, July 26th, 2016
⇒ A new version of the „attestation de détachement” A new version of the „attestation de détachement” has been released by French authorities and should be used from now on. Already issued „attestations de détachement” are still valid until expiry dates. The new model can be dowloaded on your personal account.

NEWS, July 22, 2016
⇒ Tolerance period for new Macron Law will end by the 22nd of July
France enforcers will then apply fines in case of infringment or irregularity.